Why the new Ford GT sucks

We’re back at it with another “why it sucks” video and today we’re going to focus on the new Ford GT because a lot of people have been asking us about our thoughts on that car.

Guess what? I have quite a few!

Let’s get right into it. Why do I think the new Ford GT sucks?

No. 1. All the bullshit Ford put everyone through when the car first came out and the convoluted process the consumer had to go through to buy one.

Ford came out with this very stringent and somewhat bizarre that you had to complete in order to actually take delivery of a new GT. They made it seem as if it were a privilege to pay them their exorbitant asking price! You needed, first of all, a big social media following, you had to be someone who was actually going to use and drive the car instead of a collector or enthusiast who might just have it sitting idle in a garage or possibly just to flip and sell for a profit, you had to be an individual who had a Ford pedigree of owning specialty Ford vehicles in the past like a Raptor or original Ford GT or GT40. They even required that the applicant send a video somewhat like a job interview.

On the surface, this process is understandable. After all, with only 400 cars produced, you want to make sure that the right people get one!


The people that Ford Motor Company ended up selecting didn’t meet the criteria. At all. The cars tended to go to celebrities who had a lot of cash but didn’t know anything about cars, don’t have any other specialty Ford vehicles and most likely won’t even drive these on a regular basis, which seemed to be Ford’s main requirement in the application process to start with. Others who got them? Nerdy YouTubers who play Minecraft.

The people who ended up getting a coveted Ford GT makes no sense whatsoever.

My friend Brendan has an old GT. Not a GT40 from the 2000’s but an original 1966 Ford GT. He’s taken this car and displayed it at literally hundreds of charity car shows across the country, he’s driven it tens of thousands of miles, and he actually has a matching Ford GT trailer which he tows with the car. It’s quite a sight!

According to Brendan, “it’s a nice-handling car and I’ve driven quite a few!”

He also claims “it’s the nicest car you could ever get.”

He did that in the professionally-produced video application he sent to Ford (complete with drone shots) begging for a new Ford GT.

He didn’t get one.

Neither did Rob Ferretti, who is responsible for introducing the Ford GT to millions of people in the iconic red-with-white-stripes scheme. A lot of hobbyists didn’t even know what that car was before him. He still owns the most-viewed Ford GT video of all-time on YouTube.

He didn’t get one either!

So, when people like Rob Ferretti aren’t getting cars but we see some of the people who did, how can not wonder “what was Ford thinking?” It certainly makes you wonder if you had to know someone within the company to actually be awarded one.

No. 2. The Ford GT is far too expensive.

The car simply isn’t worth $400,000. Period.

That’s a lot of money! Twice as much as a Lamborghini Huracán, more than twice as much as an Audi R8, more than a Porsche 911 GT3, more than a Ferrari 488 GTB, etc. There are many great supercars you can get for much less money. The value simply isn’t there!

I’m sorry. You just can’t justify the price of the new Ford GT.

The whole price gets even worse when you consider that the interior isn’t all that. It features buttons and features that you can find in a Ford Fiesta. The interior is also extremely cramped.

All of the buttons, and we mean all of them, feel and look cheap. Remember, this is a car priced at over $400,000! Ford is so determined to step away from the “it’s still just a Ford” and to do that, wouldn’t you think they’d exceed expectations on something as simple as interior buttons and steering wheel?

I understand this is all about saving weight. But compare the McLaren 675LT for instance. It’s extremely lightweight, uses tons of carbon fiber alcantara steering wheel, and yet still looks beautiful inside.

As for cabin space, the seats in the Ford GT are insanely close together. In face, it’s the most intimate seating experience I’ve ever seen in a car of any kind, much less a supercar. If you’re going out on your first date it’ll be great because you’ll definitely be rubbing up against a girl the whole time but if you’re driving with anyone else, be prepared to be bumping elbows the entire ride.

3.) The engine.

The Ford GT utilizes Ford’s EcoBoost 3.5L V6. That’s not a problem for a Ford Explorer or a Taurus or an F150 but for a supercar, you want something cooler than a twin-turbo V6, don’t you? And, of course, the whole eco thing is just a flat-out lie to begin with. It’s not economical whatsoever! It gets 11 mpg in the city and a paltry 18 mpg on the highway?

That’s economical? Since when?

That’s atrocious! Let’s compare tht fuel economy to a few other cars. Let’s start with the 8.4L V10 Dodge Viper boasting a similar 600+ horsepower, literally the largest production engine you can buy right now.

It gets… better gas mileage!

What about a 6.2L supercharged Corvette Z06 V8?

It gets… better gas mileage!

In fact, the Ford GT gets the worse gas mileage of any supercar you can buy on the market today, and that includes the 6.5L V12 Lamborghini.

It’s not hard to understand why Ford chose the EcoBoost engine. They wanted to showcase this exciting new technology and prove to the automotive world that they could make a supercar with this EcoBoost engine and that it would perform well. And it does. But it’s not economical and 600 horsepower at this price is just not that impressive.

At this point you must be wondering “well, it can’t be all bad, can it?” Of course not. The new Ford GT looks absolutely incredible and for that we give them total credit. After all, it’s very difficult to make a car that’s instantly recognizable as an iconic image. The Ford GT is exactly that. At the same time it’s a nice modern representation of the evolution of the original design. Aerodynamics played a large role in the way the car looks but it ended up coming out looking just fantastic and you won’t hear anyone arguing otherwise.

Ford knocked it out of the park in the looks department with the Ford GT.

For a twin-turbo V6 it also sounds pretty good. It doesn’t sound like a V8 but it has a very nice growl and sounds great when under load.

Something else Ford wanted to accomplish was to produce a production car version of the race car that was going to win Le Mans.

They did!

They won just like the old days just like the 1966 Ford GT40 so Ford did an outstanding job there as well.